First Trip: To the Mountains!

Living in Calgary for the past 10 (11? 12?) years I have spent my fair share of time in the Rocky Mountains, particularly in Banff National Park. I love me some Lake Louise… skiing, hiking, showing it off to visiting friends, heck that’s were N and I got married! So for baby H’s first trip it only seems appropriate that we head to Moraine Lake (some place that seemed to continually be missing from my repertoire). So in the beginning of September, with baby H being 2 months old, we headed out.

Gear that we brought that we actually used:

– Baby Bjorn

– diapers and wipes galore

– change of clothing (for me, N and baby)

– nursing cover

– change pad

– snacks

– stroller

– car seat

– car seat cover


What I learned:

  1. You will be changing your baby everywhere and anywhere… parkade in Banff.. no problem, trunk of the car… naturally, park bench… bring it!
  2. Even if you need to pee… if your new baby is hungry you suck it up and feed that baby (it gets easier and more flexible but those first couple months there is a steep learning curve!)
  3. Everyone loves a baby. Walking around with baby H you could see the smiles from everyone as you walked by. Even going for lunch in Banff, the servers loved seeing a baby.
  4. Take advantage of the early days… your baby will sleep everywhere but this might not last. At 6 months baby H has developed a more distinct FOMO (fear of missing out) and will not just pass out wherever… how rude of her! Haha
  5. Moraine Lake… Crazy busy… but so beautiful!
  6. Extra clothing, while not always necessary, can really come in handy… for example when baby decides she must poop while Dad is carrying her and you don’t realize untill you are back at the car and it is everywhere… not that I am saying that happened or anything… haha!


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