Okanagan Wine Tour

After a lovely visit to my hometown, it was time to head back home. While it was nice to visit, there is something about being in your own space with a baby… “Oh you’re crying… Guess what? So am I!” We decided rather than go back the way we came, we would go through the Okanagan and do a little self-directed wine touring! It turned out to be a not totally horrible idea! YAH doing fun things with a baby!


Gear we brought that we actually used would be the same as “Road Trip to the Homeland” with a major focus on the carrier. I loved using my wrap as it was nice and snuggly for baby H and myself.


What we learned:

  1. Some people can be real judgey (Judgee?) pants! It was interesting to see how some people were like “Yah! You go, awesome-super-fun parents, not letting your baby stop you from a good time”, while other just give you the coldest, harshest death glare and you just know they are thinking “a baby… there is alcohol here… they are probably giving their baby bottles full of booze”… seriously? Please keep in mind that baby H was either asleep or silently but happily just looking around!
  2. Again… you will change your baby anywhere. Remember how I mentioned a space in the trunk to change baby… that came in super handy in the fanciest of vineyards that we visited. As I was checking out the wine, with baby H in the wrap and, trying to decide which wine to buy to continuing filling our box, I got a rather unpleasant whiff. As casually as possible I sauntered over to N and said “is it me that smells or something else”… yah it was me. Commence parking lot change!
  3. People really do love babies… at many of the wineries we were greeted with the biggest smiles! Many of the staff shared stories of their own children at the winery, one woman insisted we take a picture of baby H with a bottle of wine that was bigger than her, and at one winery the winemaker’s own new baby was hanging out as well (playdate?).
  4. You would be surprised how fast a box of wine disappears when you have a little one… this needs no explanation.

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