The Low Down On My Diaper bag

Ahhh yes the Diaper bag… basically my right arm! I remember being pregnant and checking out Pinterest for lists upon lists of what to put in my diaper bag. I realized very quickly that it is a very personal thing… and that you really don’t need to bring EVERYTHING with you… but you can if you want! Did I basically bring the entire nursery when I left the house the first couple times… absolutely! Since then I have learned to tone it down… a bit. I find it very handy to actually have different bags for different activities. I have a backpack for swimming, a bag for yoga and my everyday bag. I find that it just helps make things easy to grab and go!

The first trick is figuring out what kind of bag you actually want. A very generous friend gave me my diaper bag as a baby gift (Very similar one found here). I like it because:

  • It can be used as a backpack if you really have your hands full
  • It is super cute but the fabric is also waterproof so snow, rain… no problem!
  • There is an adjustable large flap so I can make it smaller or bigger
  • There are some nice outside and inside pockets, also a lovely clip inside
  • Has an attached change pad (that can be detached for washing!) with handy pockets for diapers, wipes and hand sanitizer that are exposed when you zip open the change pad!

Gear we actually use (what’s in my everyday diaper bag all the time):

  • A change of clothing for baby H and an extra shirt for me (I cannot tell you how many times I have used these!)
  • A burp cloth (receiving blanket, spit rag… whatever you want to call it)
  • A little worm toy/rattle thingy (sometimes I bring it sometimes I bring more toys, totally depends on what we are up to)
  • An extra soother (pacifier) with pacifier clip
  • Diapers, wipes
  • An extra change pad: My mom made a simple change pad with just some waterproof fabric and flannel… I have found it really helpful having an extra something you can lay down on a change table and will often use this instead of the one of the bag, simply for ease.
  • Plastic bags (I use grocery bags!): For when you have a poop explosion and you need to put the clothing in a bag and also to seal off the nuclear explosion… I mean diaper.
  • Breastfeeding cover which can double as a burp cloth or blanket if things get extra messy! (Mine does have the stiffened neck so you can take a look down and see whats going on… I really liked this!)
  • Hand sanitizer… which I sometimes have wished to bathe myself in (fortunately we have calmed down on the poop explosion side of things)
  • Sometimes I will throw in an extra light blanket… like these muslin blankets (they really are way handier than I ever expected!)
Version 2
Missing from photo is my burp cloth (they were all in the wash… it was laundry day), my extra shirt (because I was wearing it!) and a toy… because really you use what works for you. The cat does not go in the bag… although he has tried!


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