Car Essentials (for baby)

Whether it be for a road trip, going to one of our fun activities, visiting friends or simply trying to get baby H to sleep… I have found it is very handy to have a few essential items in my car at all times. I talked about how to survive a big car trip in previous post (Road Trip to my Homeland and First Trip most notably) but here are my day to day essentials!

Great we actually used:

  • Diaper Bag (even if you think you are just popping to the store… just bring the bag!)
  • change pad
  • wipes (for more than just baby… you never know when these come in handy!)
  • diapers (just 1 or 2 for day trips that you aren’t quite prepared for!)
  • extra bags for diapers, dirty clothing, or whatever!
  • stroller (There have been so many times I didn’t think I would use it and ended up using it) alternatively if you have an awkward stroller a carrier (will be writing a post about carriers soon) would work in a pinch!
  • Mirror for the back of the seat to see baby and so baby can see me! (great when you aren’t 100% sure if she is sleeping or eating her shoe… again)
  • Extra clothing for you and baby… this isn’t a totally necessity but it can come in handy when we go on a day trip and we don’t pack enough extra stuff
  • My vehicle has sun shades built into the doors but if yours doesn’t I would include that in your car essentials

I have to say that I am very fortunate that baby H gets a big smile and often starts giggling when put in her car seat! I think this must be in part due to the fact that from a very young age she has been going on almost daily adventures in her carseat. This isn’t to say that she hasn’t had her fair share of freak outs once we are on the move. Car freak outs can be the worst… is she hungry, dirty diaper… do you stop or push it… traffic, stress, crying baby… AGH!! Realizing that there is never somewhere that I need to get to so urgently that I can’t stop has been a very important shift in my mindset. I HATE being late, but sometimes it is going to happen and it’s ok!!

Baby H chilling on the road (Don’t be fooled the sunglasses only lasted for the photo)!

3 thoughts on “Car Essentials (for baby)

  1. I’d add snacks! I keep a box of snack bars in the passenger seat so I can grab them when I’m driving—because let’s be honest, I may pack a million diapers and wipes and whatever the kids need, but I always seem to forget myself! Ditto an extra bottle of water in the car for myself.


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