Yoga With A Baby

I should probably start by saying that I am by no means some great yogi! This post is for the regular folks out there that enjoy some yoga, but cannot … no matter how many times they go… remember what the heck any of the poses are called, with the exception of downward dog and child’s pose!


I would say the absolute best time to go to yoga with a baby is when you are pregnant! I looooooved prenatal yoga! Even if you have never done yoga before I would still recommend giving it a go! I know it can be intimidating but I’m telling you, with the right instructor, it can be absolutely awesome! It was great for making new friends and before class we would always have a little check in … a great time to get some commiseration and ask any questions that weren’t really Dr. related… like “where around town to get tall pregnancy pants” or “anyone else slept like 2 hours last night?” It was also so relaxing and nice to just take some time for myself. I cannot recommend giving it a go enough!!

What you need for prenatal yoga:

  • stretchy clothing (it doesn’t have to be anything special, but once I got my pregnant yoga pants it was hard to wear anything else!)
  • water bottle
  • yoga mat (if you don’t have one or forget it most studios will have one you can at least borrow!)


Once I had H I needed time some time to heal up… unplanned C-sections with some complications (another story, for another time)… but once I was feeling more myself I started doing mom and baby yoga (I want to say when H was almost 3 months). I did this at a different studio because some of my mom friends were already going there… and it was great! I do think that the instructor can make a big difference, but in all my friends and my own experiences, the people that are teaching prenatal and mom + baby yoga are usually wonderful humans to begin with! It is important to have a teacher that understands what you body has been through, and can guide you through appropriate moves. I really loved that this studio was so warm… It wasn’t hot yoga or anything, but I must admit that I did nearly fall asleep a few times at the end of class. Most of the mom + baby classes I have seen have said in some way or another no crawlers… which makes sense if you want to get any yoga done! That being said, depending on your experience with the instructor, other moms, and if you are really loving it, there are ways that it can also work with a little mover! I really appreciated that we were all moms, so if you need to feed your baby… no problem! Baby crying… mine too! Arrive super late… hey you made it! It was a very supportive environment that reminded me I am not alone!

I found taking this time with H to do something for myself, so early on, was really important! I had to somewhat drag myself out of the house to get there, but once I was there I would always think, “This is just what I needed!” Whether it is yoga, a hike or maybe eating that large cupcake it is so important to take care of ourselves!

What you need to mom + baby yoga:

  • Diaper bag (eventually I added some toys, but H loved looking around at the other babies the best!)
  • Blanket to put your little one on
  • Stretchy clothing (I wore the same prenatal yoga pants)
  • Water bottle
  • Yoga mat

If you are in Calgary I did my prenatal yoga at The Yoga Studio (Cannot recommend it enough!) and I just happened to do my mom + baby yoga at The Bodhi Tree (another wonderful experience!). Both places offer prenatal and mom + baby yoga and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either!

17 thoughts on “Yoga With A Baby

  1. Yoga was one of the very first activities I did with my daughter when she was only a few months old. I loved it! It gave me a chance to ease back into being active (I also had an unplanned c-section), and it was great being around other parents with young kids.


    1. I do live in Calgary… I usually only go to stampede if I have out of town guests… Otherwise we have a tendency to leave town! It gets a bit crazy for me, but it is a good time for sure!


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