Road trip to Kimberley with baby: The good and the bad!

So we had a great time skiing Kimberley but how did we actually get there and back you ask… well here is the deal… going there I am fairly sure I aged more years than I care to admit… coming back… not bad! Usually H is great in the car, happily looking around or napping. Here are a few of the things I did right and wrong… and how I made the way back better than the way out there!

We had a very full car heading out to Kimberley… 3 adults, baby H, ski equipment, games, food, and H’s sleigh (I just had to bring it). Our Vehicle features a middle folding section, which we stuck our ski’s through… first mistake! The way we had them set up H could just see a bit of me… now usually she is fine in a vehicle but I think the fact she could kind of see me, but not very well, made her rather annoyed. We still stuck our skis through on the way back but made she had a clear view of the person seated beside her… much better!

Timing… we managed to be on the road during regular nap time… minimizing time when H would have wished to wiggle! When H did get a bit wiggly (on the return trip) I made sure to have one of two toys for her to chew on and play with. She has a tiny little Elmo that she loves to watch “fly” around!

My snack game was also lacking heading out there… what was I thinking! Little Miss H loves her snacks and drinking from her sippy cup and yet heading out there I didn’t make these items easily accessible! I made sure that on the way back we had plenty of easily accessible snacks and a full drinking cup!

Again a lesson I have learned before and I am sure will re learn many time… the baby is the boss. As much as you can try and push things… when baby needs to eat, be changed, or just get out… unless you want to drive with a screeching banshee behind you… you will do what baby wants!

Road trip Tetris anyone?

8 thoughts on “Road trip to Kimberley with baby: The good and the bad!

  1. bahaha … sounds so familiar. Our little one is also not a car person but the most agonized trip I had to do with her, was flying over-seas with a walking toddler. 10 hours on an airplane with a tired and exploring toddler. You cannot believe how glad I was once we landed and I was able to SLEEP lol


  2. Ahh yes, it’s amazing how quickly you learn to make those snacks and sippy cups immediately accessible if they aren’t already! Baby does what baby wants when baby wants – love how you put it: baby is the boss. Totally 🙂


  3. You go! Way to get out of the house and do something as family even though it would have definitely been easier to stay home. A story you’ll be telling her when she is older for sure!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal


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