Baby-proofing In Five Steps

I remember wondering when my little munchkin would move… I remember her dad trying to show her how to crawl… I remember thinking “oh I hope she can crawl soon”… What the heck was I thinking! Gone are the days of putting my little munchkin down, turning away, and turning back with her being in the same spot… she is on the move people! Destruction seems to be coming hand in hand with movement! Baby is a gogo (I couldn’t help myself)! I am a believer that you should baby proof at least a little, but that doesn’t mean bubble wrapping your entire house. I remember hearing somewhere to have a safe space where you can put your little one if you need to answer the door, or go to the bathroom, and I thought this was great advice! Another great piece of advice was when you decide to baby proof get down to your baby’s level and look around… you never know what might catch your (or your babies) eye when your at such a low level! I know that as she starts to be more consistent with pulling up and walking we will discover more things to baby proof… but here is what seems to be working well for us so far!

  1. We installed baby gates before H was fully moving… only having one staircase going downstairs we made the choice to have two gates not at the top of the stairs. Knowing me I would have somehow managed to trip and fall down those stairs if there was a gate at the top! We installed them pre movement to allow us, and George the cat, to get used to them (it worked well I think).
  2. Plug covers – quick, easy and makes me feel better!
  3. Dangerous furniture to the basement – I knew that we didn’t have a very child-friendly coffee table (glass, jagged corners, perfect baby head bonking, eye poking height) so it was only a matter of when, not if, we moved it! We still have a few things that I would rather she not play with, but so far they haven’t been a huge issue so I am not going to move them until I need to. Two examples: a side table with a low drawer, and a low open shelf filled with board games. I have also heard many people talk about securing items such as bookcases to walls… depending on what you have this may be something to consider.
  4. Heating vents – So this one was something I didn’t expect… little miss H loves pulling up the heating vents and checking out what might be in them. So those need to be taped down!
  5. Door latches – ok first off no one told me what a pain in the … you know what, these would be to install! Perhaps it was the brand (safety first), but these things were the WORST! We were going to install more but after three we were like… “nope”. So we did a tiny bit of rearranging and figured now if she gets into the unlatched cupboards there is nothing she can’t play with if she REALLY wants to! We made sure to latch the two doors under the sink and a cupboard that has some medicine in it (all other cleaning supplies are located in a cart in the basement so there is no chance of her getting at them!)

Daily – Tiny objects – I always make sure that their aren’t any tiny pieces of anything on the ground… this means more vacuuming and sweeping… a necessary evil! With a little one crawling around all over the floor it just makes sense. I was told somewhere that if it can slide through a toilet paper roll is it too small… I think that is a great rule of thumb!

IMG_0334 copy
Stuck in a cat tube!
Stuck under an ottoman!
Tupperware is so interesting!
Fun times with a cat and a laundry basket!

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6 thoughts on “Baby-proofing In Five Steps

  1. Such a great read. When my minion was little I remember “oh, how much easier it will be once she can walk and I don’t have to carry her everywhere anymore”. Now, I’m like … what in the world was I thinking 🙂 We also baby proofed but got blessed with a child that does not get into everything when told no (well … 80% of the time anyways). The plug in covers are essentials and the stair gate as well. Otherwise we just moved all dangerous objects up and made an effort teaching her what can cause boo-boos. Great read. Enjoy your crawling mini-me and enjoy the days of no back-talking lol


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