Heart Creek Trail

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N and I love to go hiking so we have decided to make a goal of going for at least one hike a month… not necessarily a strenuous hike or anything, but just a great reason to get out to the mountains, not clean the house, but simply do something fun together! I guess by posting it here I am making it official! There is something so calming about going to the mountains. It reminds you that there are bigger things out there… cheesy perhaps, but still true!

Our first hike was up Heart Creek Trail. It was a fairly quick drive out to the trail head and a really nice hike (although I can see that it could get very busy!). We were a little concerned about the potential for ice and/or mud but there was only one slightly sketchy spot (and with some support) we made it just fine! For some reason the little one wasn’t in the greatest mood heading out so we started to consider if this really was the best idea. Once I had her in her carrier facing out we knew that she would be just fine!! As new people approached us, going the opposite way, you could see them light up as H gave them her biggest smile or giggle. Everyone just kept saying things like “someone is having a great time”, and “that is one happy baby”.

There were a ton of families on the hike (I even ran into a former students from 4 years ago!). I wouldn’t say it is toddler friendly, but kid friendly yes! It was also interesting to see lots of rock climbers along the way. At the end, if you are feeling really adventurous, you can climb along a little canyon to see the waterfall… we didn’t get that adventurous ourselves. I feel so lucky to be able to be so close to the mountains and to take my little peanut and expose her to the fun of exploring!

For more information on hiking with an infant… CLICK HERE

For more information on this particular hike… CLICK HERE


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12 thoughts on “Heart Creek Trail

  1. What a great way to spend the day – and a good workout I’m sure with a little one strapped to your chest. We try to get out hiking as much as we can, but it’s much harder with teens than it was when our kids were little. More often than not we leave them at home.


  2. Love that last photo of you! And how fun that you ran into a former student on the hike. I loved taking my kids hiking, even on short trails, when they were younger. It’s harder to convince my kids to go with me now that they are in elementary and middle school, so I get my hiking fix in with a group of girlfriends. And when we travel the kids have no option but to join us 😉


  3. What a great goal to have! Although I live in NYC, I try to make it a point to go hiking upstate a few times a year, especially in summer or fall when it is just so pretty outside. It looks like y’all had so much fun doing it this time!


    1. I think it doesn’t matter where you live, finding nature is so important! When visiting NYC I loved finding a spot in Central Park or along the High Line to just chill for a second!


  4. Looks like fun! We haven’t been for a hike since last fall, but now that the weather is getting better, I am ready to get back out there! Thanks for sharing your adventure!


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