How to travel with a toddler and make it a success for all!

I have previous written about the 7 things that we try to consider when traveling with a baby and these remain true with a toddler. Wanting to go on a trip and actually doing it are two different things and sometimes the follow through can be hard as adults, never mind throwing a tiny unpredictable and often moody tiny human into the mix! A great example of how these 7 steps led to an amazing holiday was last summer. 

Following my 7 “guidelines”, we decided to do a trip to Germany. People looked at us a little funny, especially when we told them we weren’t visiting family or friends, we just wanted to go!  It was an amazing adventure that everyone enjoyed and still talks about all the time! H often pretends here little stuffed friends are going on vacation to Germany… I find it very amusing. 

Enjoying watching the surfers in Munich, Germany… seriously!

This is what we worked out based on my seven criteria (we did not plan in this order, but this is how it all shook out)

  1. We started car-free and then rented a car for about two-thirds of our vacation (we brought a car seat with us as we knew we would be renting a car and didn’t love the idea of renting a car seat for the autobahn) 
  2. We had two weeks to travel so we broke our trip into thirds. 
  3. H is fairly flexible, but also 3… so we were prepared for the worst! We had an idea of one thing a day we would like to do, but were always flexible to how any one of us were feeling.
  4. We wanted to see castles, drink German beer, pretend we were in the sound of music (we did a day trip to Salzburg) and eat delicious food
  5. I love Germany… we felt fairly confident going. 
  6. We had 1 large suitcase and a smaller carry on size suitcase
  7. We stayed in airbnb’s to have the ease of a kitchen. We love eating out for lunch and then cooking food from local markets for dinner. 

A bonus was that by coincidence H’s best friend and her parents (who we adore) would also be in Germany… so we had to make that work! I will be posting all about the places we stayed and the things we did (including a little trip to the hospital with H)… stay tuned!

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