Stuck for dinner… try these three websites!

Ahhh the daily dinner slog. Work and dinner and quality time is tough to manage, never mind the fact that as a family we kind of hate to eat the same thing to often. I wish we had a weekly plan dialed in and could just repeat, but on we like to make it difficult.

The dinner grind is real… if you are stuck for something to make I have three go to places that never fail. Your welcome!

#1 Smitten Kitchen… I adore this woman… I think we should probably be best friends. I have both her cookbooks and zero regrets! Her recipes are simple yet amazingly delicious. They can be complicated but at the same time totally manageable! She often gives suggestions like “hey if you don’t have this item, throw in these items”. Some recipes might seem odd, or overly simple… but I have yet to have anything fail!

We recently made her zucchini bread pancakes and can’t wait for zucchini season now (you know when zucchini’s are coming out your eye balls!). Her crispy rice and egg bowl with ginger-scallion vinaigrette is also yumm-o!

H helping dad make some cookies, with a sneak friend checking for crumbs.
Helping dad make cookies…
with her little shadow not to far behind her

#2 Skinny taste… this is a wonderful site for when you are feeling uninspired but what to at least try and be healthy. Sometimes I have to do a bit of a skim to find something that speaks to me, but the recipes always seem unfussy, and delicious! One of our favourites is the butternut squash breakfast bowl (for dinner). We had the sister in law over for dinner and now this is on her radar as well

#3 Martha Stewart… because she is Martha Stewart. I have always loved Martha, no matter what her past may be. Seriously I have one of cook books with inscriptions from my grandma wishing me a happy 15th birthday! Whether you are looking for simple or more complicated Martha has your back! I enjoy the fact that you can look through themes if you have some idea but need just a little direction.

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