My Favourite things (internet edition)

The internet… anyone else find themselves in what I like to call the “black hole vortex of youtube?” Looking up dinner recipes and end up watching Kristen Bell crying over a sloth… just me? Well this post is for you my friend! Here are a few of my favourite, places for inspiration and just good fun!

The Bucket List family… I can’t remember which friend altered me to this family… but be warned the youtube vortex is deep on this one! This family of five is taking their kids everywhere. These are small kiddos to! Safari’s, 30 days in Disneyworld, monks shaving their heads… there is something for everyone! One of my personal favorites is their delightful webseries based on their home. While they were travelling another couple was redesigning their house in Hawaii. Each room is based on where the family was travelling at the moment!

Red Ted Art… crafts! This is a great site for kids of all ages.  This British mom has some fantastic ideas for everyone, form the greatest crafter to those that have no idea where to even start. There have been a few things that I have brought on flights as easy crafts that then become a fun thing to play with! You can easily subscribe to your child age group and bam… parent of the year! We have recently been all about the princess dolls and the woven baskets.

H hard at work on a wreath for her bestie
Photo by H of her wreaths for Grandma and Grandpa

The kids should see this…. I used to do youtube Friday’s in my classroom and this is a great place to find videos that you know are family friendly. I don’t even know how to begin to explain how random some of the stuff is… slow motion cheetah, how is an etch a sketch made, 4 levels of mac and cheese… for goodness sake this site has a “random” button! Do yourself a favor, check it out and let your curiosity take over!

The Graham Norton Show – ahhh the British… how do they get away with what they do! I remember first stumbling upon this show in New Zealand and at first was a bit confused… but trust me once you start watching you won’t stop. It is so funny! Youtube is full of past episodes and compilations of “best of…” Your welcome!

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