Germany part 2 of 4: South

Looking at a map of some of the neat castles and things to do in southern Germany I finely randomly settled on a town called Garmish-Partenkirchen. Don’t ask me how to say that last part… even on a map it was written as Garmish-P. It turned out to be a super awesome find! This little place was just delightful! Our baby H turned three and it didn’t hurt that we met up with H’s best friend, her baby sister and her amazing parents. I would highly recommend staying here whether with a family or not! Our Airbnb again was a total win! They had toys for H to play with and even had a cake a present for her birthday! 

We rented a car upon leaving Munich and it was great! The autobahn was so civilized… also the hubby didn’t mind the lack on speed limits.

Ours days consisted of breakfast at home, lunch out and dinners at our place or our friends! We did do one dinner out, to celebrate little H’s birthday. We had one activity a day but made sure we had lots of down time as well to explore the town and play at playgrounds! We found a great park, which the toddlers just loved and an ice cream place around the corner that the moms snuck to a few times.

Our first day we decided to visit the Neuschwanstein castle, aka the Disney castle! It was not the ideal first day. We were going to get a group shot just prior to seeing the castle when H actually fell off a fence and faceplanted onto a paved path… in fairy wings, and a crown no less… I can only imagine what it looked like to those walking by. We decided to take our munchkin to the hospital to check that she didn’t have a concussion… At this point I probably had shed more tears than her! The German hospital and staff at nearby Schwangau were amazing! Also our friends were beyond… they brought pizzas and we had a picnic in front of the hospital! It was an adventure. We found out that there was a children’s hospital in Garmish but fortunately it was only a large bump.

Our other, far more successful day trips included the Linderhof Palace, which H fully enjoyed taking a tour of inside (to the point which the tour guide took note!), and a train plus gondola ride to check out the Zugspitze. It was a cloudy day but the girls enjoyed checking out the snow at the top and jumping on the glass floor!

Having little H with us forced us to slow down, but we could not have enjoyed it more!  

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