Germany part 3 of 4: Austria… (yes it’s a differnt country, stay with me)!

After an amazing time in Garmish-P. we headed east. We loved driving through the picturesque countryside! The window boxes full of flowers, the onion dome churches… it really was like a fairy tale. 

We booked a slightly random place that turned out to be really in the middle of nowhere! Luckily it was close enough to a train station to do a day trip to Salzburg! For those who aren’t aware Salzburg is in Austria, not Germany :p I do love that even though were were out in the middle of nowhere there were the most wonderful paths for cyclists and hikers. It made me think it would be awesome to do a bike tour another time… add it to the list!

Full disclosure I am a bit obsessed with The Sound of Music, so this was a bit of a big deal for me. It was a great day trip! We found a really fun playground to start the day! After this we ended up taking a bike rickshaw tour of the city that was awesome! It was a last minute idea that ended up being the best thing ever. I got my Sound of Music highlights, but quickly so H was fully engaged and the Hubby got to see the rest of Salzburg, including all the Mozart spots ;). We made sure we got dropped off at a delicious off the beaten path, lunch spot! We ended up lounging on a patio contemplating how hard it would be to just permanently go on vacation haha! We had a bit of a meltdown moment on the shopping street, but this was a long day so we let H have her moment and then carried on. It was a great break from driving to just take the train and pedestrian part of Salzburg was close enough to the train station that walking was totally easy! 

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