Germany Part 4 of 4: Surprise Castle in the Middle of a Lake!

Our last day in Germany we decided to take it easy. I had heard somehow about a castle on a lake in southern Germany, and thought it sounded like the perfect final adventure. It blew us away! 

We started with another beautiful drive though the countryside. Eventually the road drove along the edge of a large lake called Chiemsee. Prien am Chiemsee, a town with the boat docks. We didn’t really know what we were doing but just followed everyone else! Haha we managed to get some sort of ticket for a boat and hoped it was the right one and went for it! H was already loving life, as they had a boat playground and fun fountain that shot over a walking path.  

The boat ride was great! We were dropped off on the Island and immediately found a map. We were planning on walking to the castle when little H spotted a horse carriage. She had wanted to go on one the entire trip so we decided why not! Loaded up we headed along a path towards the castle. Now in complete honestly I am sure this did not need to be a surprise, but we hadn’t really looked into it, so when the carriage turned the corner and we finally saw the castle we were shocked! Neus Scloss Herrenchiemsee is a replica of Versailles! And not a tiny one at that! While we didn’t do a tour of the inside the grounds were impressive enough! H loved running from fountain to fountain and even found some tiny deer to check out! As we waited for the ferry to bring us back to our car we played at a beach. It was the perfect last day in Germany!

A lovely drive back to Munich to stay at the airport, including a swim in the hotel pool completed the perfect Germany Family holiday! 

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