Girls weekend gone wrong

Sometimes you just gotta get away. Being able to take time away is for sure a luxury, but something that I have always valued!  Getting away allows me to not think about the 1 millions things I should be doing, I could be doing, etc. I can actually relax and read… something I am not able to do as effectively at home. I love a good getaway so was shocked when I ended up coming home a bit worse for wear, however there was a lesson in it for sure!

My sister-in-law and I decided that we wanted to go on a little get away to Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa near Kelowna, BC.  So with a bit of planning we made it happen! 

The resort was gorgeous… views for days! The room set up was a little different, with a bathtub right out in the open in front of the ceiling to floor window… the views were just to much to not!  My sis-in-law and I made a few jokes about the romantic vibes!

We booked a girls weekend package and it was great.  We wine toured our way there, managing to each fill a box very easily. We stayed for two nights at Sparkling Hill, in the mornings we enjoyed an awesome buffet dinner. The first morning after breakfast we took a nice walk to a wetland where we saw turtles and a marmot! We followed this up with spa time… oh yah!!! I had an amazing massage and then decided to read a book in the tea room… this is when things took a turn. 

Somehow in my utter relaxation I managed to tweak something, slip a disc, and lose all mobility in my neck… what?!? I had a facial booked so you bet I wasn’t going to miss that. The woman providing the service was amazing and worked on my neck a bit, but oooo it was not feeling good. I took in some of their steam rooms trying to loosen it up a bit, but ended up spending the last night sleeping on the floor, I just could not get comfortable! To the resorts credit the manager took notice of my “situation” and ended up going above and beyond to make sure I had anything I might need! He even left a hand written note in our room with some cooling gel. It was interesting to leave the resort in worse shape than I had arrived but it really made me realize… I need to take better care of myself! After seeing my Dr and Chiro they both independently said that they thought my body must have been protecting something and just let go. I completely agree… I felt strongly that this was a physical reaction to what is going on with me mentally. 

We try to hold onto to things so hard, but at some point we have to let go. If we let go earlier maybe we can get through it quicker. In this case my body was like “nope… you need to rest… sorry this happening whether you want to or not!” Having taking a bit of a break from work I am now starting to feel like I can handle things so much better! 

So take care of yourself my friends! We can push, but sometimes the universe might push back… I’m going to try and listen a little bit more carefully to the push backs! 

8 thoughts on “Girls weekend gone wrong

  1. Oh man, what a bummer!
    I once did a girls’ weekend with 8 of my best friends and only TWO of the girls made it through the entire weekend! I had my baby with me and he would NOT sleep, so I bailed, and everyone had other reasons for cutting the stay short.
    It’s so hard to get away but also self care is so important. crazy that your time away showed you that!


  2. I’m sorry you hurt yourself while there but it does look like you had fun despite that injury. I hope you are feeling better now and you are right about taking care of ourselves. Our mental well being and our physical well being goes hand in hand.


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