Weekend away

This weekend N and I took a big step. We actually went away for a night without the tiny human! Grandma came up to our house and happily took little H and ushered us out of the house… ok she basically had to push me! We have gone for a few hours (dinner, movies, that sort of thing) before but this time we left for a full 24 hours!

Why was it so hard?

This same weekend another one of my friends, with a little one, went away for the first time as well and so we both chatted before on why we were stressing about leaving. We were both leaving our precious ones with people who we trusted absolutely… so our brains told us “it’s fine! Chill!” It was our hearts that were saying, “are you sure about this?” I wonder if it’s almost a basic instinct that was keeping us from gleefully skipping away for a full nights sleep. As I was walking towards the car, away from my happy munchkin, my gut almost felt like it was dropping. N and I made a plan that we both needed to stay busy and I needed to stay far away from babies!

What did you do?

We had wanted to go for a hike, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t into that idea. We ended up taking the long way to Banff… up to Cochrane, with a stop in Canmore for some gallery viewing! There was a sunny break just as we were pulling off the highway towards Banff when we spotted a parking lot near a huge waterfall. We decided to pull off and see if we could make it a bit closer to check it out. This turned out to be a fun little adventure! We took a lovely little path to the bottom and then did a little bit of scrambling up before we got a bit stuck and made out ways down.

After our impromptu climb we checked into our hotel and explored Banff. We popped into many stores and ended up at the Banff Ave Brewing co. for a pre dinner drink. We love this place and its super relaxed atmosphere and local brews! Dinner was at Park Distillery. We had a great time tasting their in house booze and then maybe consumed one or two cocktails followed by some delicious “campfire” food and even a camping inspired dessert… s’more mousse anyone?

So how did it go?

The funny thing about finally being able to sleep in… you think we could? I was up at the same time little miss H would wake me up… so after a bit of lazing around we were off to our favorite restaurant, The Bison, for brunch and then headed home! Walking in the front door and seeing that big smile and hearing that baby giggle was the absolute best! According to grandma their sleepover went fabulously! I instantly felt a sense of relief. I am sure grandma will baby sit again and hopefully it will be a bit easier on me next time! As parents we hope that H will be an independent individual and also respect that we are also independent individuals! We are very fortunate that the little munchkin does have an adoring aunt and grandparents that are happy to push us out of the house to spend time with her!

I did find it rather timely that only yesterday there were a bunch of articles about how crazy people got over Chrissy Teigen going on a date night after having her baby like a week ago… seriously people? Maybe the idea of us leaving our almost 10 month old has you shaking your head… but seriously this parent/mom shaming needs to end! I personally was in no state to go out for dinner when H was 9 days old… but I still I think “you go girl!” I am sure she still missed her little one dearly. I just don’t understand where these haters are coming from. Perhaps you would not have made this choice… no problem… no children were in danger so why so much anger?

Parent on my friends!

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Heart Creek Trail

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N and I love to go hiking so we have decided to make a goal of going for at least one hike a month… not necessarily a strenuous hike or anything, but just a great reason to get out to the mountains, not clean the house, but simply do something fun together! I guess by posting it here I am making it official! There is something so calming about going to the mountains. It reminds you that there are bigger things out there… cheesy perhaps, but still true!

Our first hike was up Heart Creek Trail. It was a fairly quick drive out to the trail head and a really nice hike (although I can see that it could get very busy!). We were a little concerned about the potential for ice and/or mud but there was only one slightly sketchy spot (and with some support) we made it just fine! For some reason the little one wasn’t in the greatest mood heading out so we started to consider if this really was the best idea. Once I had her in her carrier facing out we knew that she would be just fine!! As new people approached us, going the opposite way, you could see them light up as H gave them her biggest smile or giggle. Everyone just kept saying things like “someone is having a great time”, and “that is one happy baby”.

There were a ton of families on the hike (I even ran into a former students from 4 years ago!). I wouldn’t say it is toddler friendly, but kid friendly yes! It was also interesting to see lots of rock climbers along the way. At the end, if you are feeling really adventurous, you can climb along a little canyon to see the waterfall… we didn’t get that adventurous ourselves. I feel so lucky to be able to be so close to the mountains and to take my little peanut and expose her to the fun of exploring!

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