Vacation Aftermath

Who doesn’t love a vacation? Who also hates coming home… well add baby H to that list! The rather unfortunate thing with babies is they really are horrible at telling you exactly what is going on… “Ok you’re upset… what do you need? Food? Diaper change? Song? Are you teething? Too hot? Too cold?” I could go on. About halfway through our vacation H’s sleep took on a bit of a change… as in it wasn’t really happening. This continued when we got home… sad face! Here are a couple of things I learned from coming back to reality.

What we learned:

1) Sometimes you just gotta ride it out! In all transparency, baby H was a complete monster when we got back… for about the following 2-3 weeks. At first we though it was jet lag or being over tired. There was a moment when I thought “I am never going anywhere again!” and “Hawaii was the WORST idea ever!” As this sleep strike continued we started to think otherwise. We tried everything that normally would calm her down and put her to sleep but she was having none of it! Finally we realized she MUST be teething… little bit of baby Tylenol and she was ok… eventually.

2) Babies love routine… I am all about getting out and about, on vacation and in my everyday life… but man you gotta respect the power of a good nap! We really tried our best to get baby H back into a routine as much as we could when we got home. Did it take forever… yes! Did I feel like I aged 30 years… yes! Do I think that if we had not gone on vacation things would have been super-fun-sleep time… no actually. I strongly believe that H was going to have a hard time had we come back from Hawaii or stayed home!

3) It’s so nice to come home! Yes I love to travel, but there is something about those first few steps in the door and that first night back in your own bed! I swear even H knew she was home and was happy to be back in her own crib! She slept like a champ that first night home (obviously this did not last). She was especially happy to see her buddy George… our cat.

4) Babies are sensitive… In this case I am actually referring to baby H’s poor skin. Coming back to the driest place ever was tough on the munchkin. Her skin dried out so much that we felt absolutely awful! Baby H even had a Dr appointment to try and help her out! We tried a few different creams and finally found one that was absolutely AMAZING! After just one day the change was so dramatic I couldn’t even believe it. It was important that we made sure to bath her only once a week and apply cream as quickly as possible after she was out of the water. We also made sure to apply it every day. Since we have been back for awhile now, we continue to apply lotion everyday: sometimes the good stuff and sometimes whatever she hasn’t kicked off her change table! I am happy to report that her skin is looking MUCH better!

Gear we actually used: (I have leaned how to hyperlink text! I have linked to the items that I use on Amazon if you are interested!)

  1. Weleda White Mallow Baby Cream… seriously this stuff is AMAZING!! I also have the Weleda Diaper rash cream… also amazing!
  2. Baby Tylenol – we were very reluctant to use it, but we could just tell that baby H was so uncomfortable
  3. Exercise ball for bouncing when baby H just couldn’t settle
  4. Sound machine again helped just sooth little baby H
  5. Humidifier to help with dryness
Yes that photo is our poor cat George… he also had a rough time after vacation… he is out of the cone and is all good now!


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