Top Five Must Have Board Books

As an elementary teacher literacy is a huge deal… They can never be too early to start a love of reading in my books (see what I did there… haha). I was so excited the day H actually looked at the pages of a book I was trying to read to her! When she was a newborn I would actually read what I was reading out loud to her… it kept us both entertained! I still do this once in awhile actually! But now she is getting a bit more into books… don’t get me wrong I am still fairly sure she would rather be eating them, but she tolerates my reading a bit more these days!

“Thanks for all the great books mom!”

There are so many wonderful books out there but these are my 5 absolute favorites! These are the books that come with us on our travels!

5. Sing a Song of Mother Goose by Barbara Reid – I have been a fan of Barbara Reid for a long time… this book was actually given to me by my Dr. and I love it! It contains a bunch of classic rhymes, amazing images (one of the major reasons I am such a fan of Barbara Reid), and it is the type of book you can flip to any page and read… so if you just need something short it’s great or you can read the entire thing!

4. Your First Word Will Be DADA by Jimmy Fallon – H got this for N for his birthday… it is a super cute, quick read with adorable illustrations! This book is great for exploring (you can talk about what the animals are, what they say, what the babies are called, etc.). I must admit sometimes when I read it I say mama instead of dada… shhh.

3.Where’s Spot? By Eric Hill – my mom gave us this book because as a kid we would take it out of the library and I could not get enough! It has flaps that can be lifted and so many different animals… so cute!

2. Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt– Ok not exactly a board book, but close enough. This is such a classic! I remember loving this book as a little munchkin myself!

1. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown– I remember being read this as a kid (a theme? Perhaps!) and now I read it to H every single night. Depending on the night it might be the last book or the only book, but it is always read!

Honorable mention:

Feel like you need a good sentimental cry? The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown is such a lovely book, but totally makes me cry

Need a giggle? The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee… based on a true story?! haha

Need baby to have a giggle? Bunny Love to Play by Parragon Books (or similar), you put your finger in the bunny like a little puppet and as it wiggles watch your baby giggle along! H finds it very funny!

Need baby to stay focus? Any book with baby faces! We have Global Babies by The Global Fund for Children… but really any book with photographs of other babies your munchkin will love!


Have fun reading!

20 thoughts on “Top Five Must Have Board Books

  1. Great choices. My grandsons age 2 and 4 are into these cat books. One is about buttons and another is about tennis shoes. They read them over and over.


  2. We’re into reading to our 4 year old on a daily basis and our 5 month old loves to listen along. I have to get her some of these so she can hold something that’s hers. Her older brother doesn’t like letting her hold his, haha. Plus it will add some more stories to our routine.


  3. Ohhh Goodnight Moon is a must! All three of my littles love that book before bed. I have had to buy a new one because we took the book everywhere with us! Thank you for sharing this great list of board book must haves!


  4. I love Pat the Bunny… my 2 year old still loves her board books. I am going to have to check out the one you mentioned with global faces. I think she would LOVE that!!


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