Weekend Ski Trip to Kimberley


I love skiing! Unfortunately I haven’t been skiing in ages… obviously certain life events have been preventing me from shredding up the slopes * cough * baby * cough *! So when we finally got ourselves and a few friends organized for a ski weekend in Kimberley BC I was so exited!


We absolutely loved the condo we found to rent. We were so close to the hill, so it was easy for N and I to switch for baby duty and come back for a snack or lunch! The rooms were nice and spacious for everyone. We had a private hot tub for our out of shape legs! It was well stocked with kitchen essentials for meals. Most importantly for me was that it was so clean (especially for a crawling little one!). The only really “baby proofing” we did was to lay a stool in front of the fire place… fortunately with a bunch of people around little H was never without an adult playmate making sure she didn’t get into to much mischief.

The hill:

I wasn’t sure what to expect heading out to Kimberley as I had never skied there before and at home we had experienced very little snow… I was pleasantly surprised! The hill seemed so family friendly! Lots of nice green and blue runs, but also some black runs for my legs, once they remembered what they were doing! Considering it was spring break I was shocked by how completely empty it was. We had beautiful spring weather and I loved that there were no rocks anywhere, just a bit of slightly slushy snow… which I could totally deal with! I can completely see us taking H when she starts to figure out how to “shred the gnar”.

Adult extracurricular:

Being that there were a few of us we managed some fun once H was asleep. There was one evening that we may have gotten a bit carried away playing “cards against humanity”… a hilarious but VERY inappropriate game (probably not great for playing with strangers). A few adult cocktails may have also been consumed! Somehow we still all managed to get up bright and early for another day of skiing the next morning!

The town of Kimberley:

Kimberley itself is a small town very close to the ski hill. Its main feature is the pedestrian street, which includes the worlds largest cuckoo clock (I’m not kidding). I’m not sure exactly why, but Kimberley has a very strong German flair… I’m talking beer halls, schnitzel, and Happy Hans (a yodeling mustachioed man in leather shorts!). I find it slightly unfortunate that Kimberley has been trying to rebrand themselves and getting rid of many of the really kitschy Bavarian stuff that I remember as a kid (we would stop by sometimes in the summer), but with a keen eye you can still find some of it!

I really hope that we can make this a regular trip as it was such a good one!


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